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Danger Icon Fortune and Glory on Season 2 of Wil Wheaton's Tabletop???
Monday, 8/06/2012
Over the weekend, Wil Wheaton (actor, author, and geek) posted about his Fortune and Glory exploits on Twitter along with pics of the game and a great shout out to Flying Frog including a link to this very web page. We are big fans of Wil and his work and are honored to be included in the collection of games that he plays with friends and family. As many of you know, Wil has a fantastic Web Show called 'Tabletop' on the Geek & Sundry YouTube Channel. Each episode features Wil and three celebrity guests playing a boardgame. Flying Frog Productions' Last Night on Earth will be featured in an upcoming episode of Tabletop later this Season. In one tweet, Wil said "Finally playing Fortune and Glory. Love this, hope to play it on Tabletop if we get another season." We are certainly rooting for another great season of Tabletop and would be thrilled to be a part of it with Fortune and Glory!
Danger Icon Fortune and Glory will be back in stores soon!
Friday, 8/03/2012
After selling through the entire initial production run of 'Fortune and Glory' a few months ago, we are pleased to announce that the new production run has arrived! It will begin shipping out to Distributors next week and should arrive in retail stores shortly after that. If you have been looking for the game in your FLGS, tell them to order it from their distributor now. The game is also now back in stock in the Official Flying Frog Web Store.

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