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Hunt For The Crypt, Mini-Campaign Adventure
An ancient and sinister Vampire Crypt Lord is stalking the area, feeding on local farmers and townsfolk. You must race to find his lair, gathering clues on your search, and defeating lesser villains he has dispatched to stop you, in your hunt for the crypt!

Hunt for the Crypt is a mini-campaign adventure, all contained within a single game of Dark Gothic. It can be played competitively or cooperatively, with each Villain (I, II, III, and the new IV) being hunted at a sequence of different ‘locations’ on the campaign board. When a Villain is defeated, the players ‘move’ to the next location on the board, which has its own unique global effect on gameplay. Clues are collected by players (any suitable token can be used for these) from these location global effects, and they can be saved up and spent to gain valuable silver resources when you need them most.

The Hunt for the Crypt Adventure was debuted as a Special Event at Flying Frog's DiceFest 2019 in October of 2019.

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