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Dark Stone Forge
These are specialty resin models that we produce in-house. They are hand-poured resin models made in small batches (not mass-produced in a factory). As such, they are not sold in retail stores, but are exclusive to the Flying Frog Web Store. Often, Dark Stone Forge items include a new Mission or two, themed for the specific piece.
Dark Altar Dark Altar
This deluxe resin terrain piece depicts a massive and grotesque altar to the dark gods of old! Whether fashioned by the Order of the Crimson Hand for their dark rituals, or the mutated Takobake Samurai Clan in an attempt to harness the power of the Void, this stone altar makes a beautiful centerpiece. Includes 2 brand new Missions that utilize the Dark Altar for gameplay to add to your games of Shadows of Brimstone: "Beyond the Void" and "Waves of Mutation"!

Dark Altar
Death Gate Sentinel Death Gate Sentinel
This deluxe resin terrain piece depicts a giant stone statue - the Death Gate Sentinel, an all-new scenario set piece for Shadows of Brimstone. These massive stone statues act as gate keepers to the underworld, binding the spirits of the dead to some dark purpose. It also includes a new Mission themed around these statues: "To The Gates of Hell"!

Death Gate Sentinel
Resin Depth Track Resin Depth Track for Forbidden Fortress
This is a special piece for collectors. A 3D version of the Depth Track for Forbidden Fortress lets you track your progress through the castles and temples of Japan in style! The Depth Track is used in virtually every Mission of the game, so this exquisitely-detailed Resin centerpiece will make an excellent addition to your Adventures! We have very limited quantities due to the cost and difficulty to cast. The set also includes two 3D ring markers (styled to look like Wood Grain on one side and Jade Stone on the other side) to represent the Hero Team and Darkness Markers. These rings fit easily over the raised number pegs on the track and will ensure that your status is locked in, even when the game table gets bumped!

Resin Depth Track
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