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Game Stats

In this area, we provide various resources for players, such as Character Sheets, FAQ, and Assembly Guides.
Shadows of Brimstone FAQ Cover Shadows of Brimstone FAQ Version 1.02 (11-27-2019)
The official FAQ with clarifications, rulings and optional rules for Shadows of Brimstone and Forbidden Fortress

New Character Sheets

Forbidden Fortress Character Sheet Example

Assassin Female JPG | PDF
Assassin Male JPG | PDF
Daimyo Female JPG | PDF
Daimyo Male JPG | PDF
Enforcer Female JPG | PDF
Enforcer Male JPG | PDF
Geisha Female JPG | PDF
Kabuki Male JPG | PDF
Kitsune Female JPG | PDF
Kitsune Male JPG | PDF
Samurai Warrior Female JPG | PDF
Samurai Warrior Male JPG | PDF
Soldier Female JPG | PDF
Soldier Male JPG | PDF
Sorceress Female JPG | PDF
Sorcerer Male JPG | PDF
Sumo Female JPG | PDF
Sumo Male JPG | PDF
Traveling Monk Female JPG | PDF
Traveling Monk Male JPG | PDF
Wandering Samurai Female JPG | PDF
Wandering Samurai Male JPG | PDF
Default Character Sheet (No Portrait) JPG | PDF


Forbidden Fortress Rulebook Forbidden Fortress Rulebook PDF
Forbidden Fortress Adventure Book Forbidden Fortress Adventure Book PDF