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Deluxe Enemy Packs
Deluxe Enemy Packs feature dynamic new Enemy threats for Forbidden Fortress. These plastic enemy models come complete with all the rules for their use in the game, including a host of new game cards, die-cut counters, and new Missions themed around the enemy group. These add a lot to your games!
XXL Oni Warlord XXL Oni Warlord
Towering over all others on the battlefield, the brutish Oni Warlords are savage demons of unparalleled might! Leading untold armies of Oni demons into battle, these warlords burn and pillage any settlements in their path, enslaving those that they conquer. It is not uncommon to see an Oni Warlord, with his brutal iron club, carrying a massive slave cage on one shoulder, scooping up and imprisoning hapless victims to work the Dark Stone mines.

XXL Oni Warlord
Shadow Clan Ninjas Shadow Clan Ninjas
Kidnappers, thieves, and assassins, the Clan Ninja are mercenaries, offering their services to the highest bidder. Lead into battle by ruthless Kosugi Ninja Masters, these stealthy killers move silently, running across rooftops and scaling walls to reach their targets; striking without warning and disappearing back into the shadows. Several of the most notorious Ninja Clans have begun working with the forces of Darkness... The Shadow Clans! These treacherous assassins have betrayed their own world for the promise of untold riches and power, while others have declared their own bid for domination, searching endlessly for mystical artifacts imbued with the power of the Void to fuel their twisted ambitions.
Shadow Clan Ninjas
Enemy Packs
Enemy Packs come in a variety of sizes from a horde of small Scourge Rats to XL and even XXL-sized Enemies! Each Enemy pack includes new plastic enemy models, their enemy record sheets, and all game cards and rules needed to add them to your games!

Akaname Tongue Demons Akaname Tongue Demons
There are many ghouls and demons that dwell in the ransacked chambers and halls of a fallen fortress, but perhaps none so nightmarish as the Akaname! Known as the ‘Filth Lickers’, these wiry creatures have long, lashing tongues, stringy wet hair, and jagged, broken claws, scaling the walls and ceilings of the abandoned castles and musty mines that have fallen into shadow. Attracted by the sweet taste of taint and corruption, the Akaname tongue demons shiver with anticipation when they sense fresh meat nearby, longing for a taste of the foul deeds and dark dreams of mortal minds!

Akaname Tongue Demons
Bone Eaters Bone Eaters
Lurking in the dark and humid corridors inside the Belly of the Beast, these scavengers feed on the bones and remnants too hard to be dissolved by the massive creature’s normal digestive systems. Living in darkness, Bone Eaters have no eyes. Instead they use their keen sense of vibrations and smell, absorbing scents through their outstretched fingers, as they search feverishly for anything worth devouring. Even the slightest noise or movement can alert them to your presence, drawing them away from whatever old refuse they were feeding on, with the prospect of a fresher meal!

Bone Eaters
Flesh Mites Flesh Mites
Crawling and burrowing through the fleshy tunnels in the Belly of the Beast, these oversized, armored parasites feed on the remains of undigested intruders. They have evolved thick, interlocking, chitinous shells which make them immune to most acids and explosives, allowing them to burrow deep into the intestinal track of the beast in search of food to scavenge. Though not particularly intelligent, the hungrier a Flesh Mite gets, the more vicious it becomes, sniffing the air with its face tentacles until it finds the scent of its next meal.

Flesh Mites
XL Gastral Tyrant XL Gastral Tyrant
The Gastral Tyrant is one of the most terrifying creatures across all of time and space! Nesting within the moist chambers of the Belly of the Beast, or infesting the steam-filled engine decks aboard the Derelict Ship, these massive alien monstrosities have long, spiny arms allowing them to writhe and scurry across walls, ceilings, and even within the walls of its mucus-covered lair. A Gastral Tyrant can lay hundreds of eggs, which burst into countless writhing hatchlings. To feed its young, it preys on unwary travelers, spraying them with burning toxin that melts its target into a puddle of organic goo...perfect for regurgitating over the clutches of eggs that it has freshly laid.

XL Gastral Tyrant
XL Jorogumo Spider Queen XL Jorogumo Spider Queen
Ancient and powerful creatures of legend, the Jorogumo Spider Queens have spun their webs of deceit and manipulation from the shadows since the dawn of civilization. With the body of a massive and terrifying spider, and the torso of a woman with tattered clothes and sharp claws, the Jorogumo wield deadly Spider Magik that rivals even the most powerful Elemental Magiks. Covering their lairs in thick, sticky webs, the Spider Queens spread their influence by infesting fortresses and villages, turning the residents into loyal and venomous spider thralls, to feed their dark ambitions.

XL Jorogumo Spider Queen
XXL Odo Kuro XXL Odo Kuro
Bursting out of the ground, this massive skeletal giant is formed from the bones of fallen dead, and animated by dark magik, rising from the veil of death, and starving to feed on those that still draw breath! Towering over their enemies, the Odo Kuro is a bloodthirsty monster known for grabbing men in its bony, clawed hands and biting their heads off whole, to drink from the spray of blood and gore!

XXL OdoKuro
Takobake Riflemen Takobake Riflemen
Mad with power and corrupted by the Void influence of the Dark Stone, the Fallen Shogun leads his tainted house of the Takobake Clan to war in search of powerful relics and ever greater glory. Among his legions of loyal soldiers, the Takobake Riflemen are trained as elite gunners, unleashing powerful volleys of lethal, Dark Stone enriched musket shot to tear apart their foes on the field of battle. Though these mutant musketeers play a pivotal role in any clash of armies, they are also dispatched as small groups of scouts and raiders to infiltrate enemy strongholds, track down lost artifacts, or eliminate any who would dare enter the domain of the Fallen Shogun!

Takobake Riflemen
Takobake Samurai Takobake Samurai
The deadliest and most ruthless warriors among the ranks of the Takobake Clan, these mutant samurai grow to massive size, erupting with tentacles and mutations beyond any recognition that they were once human. Takobake Samurai wear Dark Stone Samurai Armor and act as the honor guard and elite assassins of the Fallen Shogun, dispatched to seek out and eliminate any threats to their master.

Takobake Samurai
Temple Dogs Temple Dogs
Massive beasts, the Temple Dogs stalk the halls of the Forbidden Fortress, sniffing out intruders and ripping them apart with their meaty clawed paws and iron jaws! Made of stone and animated by dark Magik, the Temple Dogs can withstand an enormous amount of punishment before they even begin to crack or crumble.

Temple Dogs
Thunder Warriors Thunder Warriors
As rolling thunder shakes the ground and blinding lightning flashes across the sky, the Raijin Thunder Warriors descend from the heavens on crackling bolts of electricity. These powerful, supernatural warriors are the advance guard of the Dragon Army, servants of Sho-Riu, the Dragon King, and lords of the storm. They do not suffer the will of mortal men, nor do they heed the moral code of lesser beings. They are god-spirits, demanding revenge for the banishment of their master!

Thunder Warriors
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