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Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Core Set Forbidden Fortress Core Set
Set in Feudal Japan, the Forbidden Fortress Core Set allows players to take on the role of an honorable Samurai Warrior, a deadly ninja Assassin, a demon-hunting Traveling Monk, and even a mystical Sorceress, wielding powerful Elemental Magik to smite her foes! As a new Core Set, Forbidden Fortress is an exciting entry point into the world of Shadows of Brimstone for new players, while veteran players will find new Hero Classes, challenging new Enemies, a host of new adventures, and 2 new worlds to explore - the feudal Japanese Forbidden Fortress and the Belly of the Beast OtherWorld!

Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Core Set
Temple of Shadows Deluxe Expansion Temple of Shadows Deluxe Expansion
There are 4 new Hero Classes in the Temple of Shadows Expansion - Soldier, Geisha, Kitsune, and Enforcer. Each of these new Heroes has a unique set of abilities, starting Gear, and Upgrades. Beyond those new Heroes, the Temple of Shadows Deluxe Expansion adds new material for Forbidden Fortress and the Belly of the Beast Otherworld, including new Map Tiles, 6 new Missions, and an army of new Enemies: 6 mutant Takobake Spearmen, 12 possessed Chochinobake lanterns, 3 large Skin Crawlers, and the mighty Fallen Shogun - The Legendary leader of the Takobake Clan who has mutated to enormous size! New cards in this expansion include Gear, Darkness, Growing Dread, Personal Items, Elemental Magik, and a new Adventure Card for setting your Missions in a Fallen Temple!

Temple of Shadows Deluxe Expansion
Feudal Village Expansion Box Feudal Village Expansion
The Feudal Village Expansion allows players a deeper and richer Town experience between adventures, adding exciting new Types of Villages to find (such as an Enslaved Village, Outlaw Haven, or Trading Port), 6 all new Town Locations to visit (such as the Sacred Garden, Samurai Lord, Tea House, or Brotherhood Temple), a new expanded Travel Chart, and a deadly new Enemy horde of Feudal Bandit! With this expansion, Heroes also have the opportunity to play out Adventures in the Feudal Village, itself, using the new Village Adventure Board! Heroes can protect the townsfolk while battling demons in the streets, fend off hordes of bandits that are trying to steal supplies from the village or burn it to the ground, or find themselves in an honorable duel! With loads of new charts, cards, counters, Missions, and the new Feudal Bandit Enemies, you’ll never know what to expect when you ride into a Feudal Village in Shadows of Brimstone!

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Gateways into Madness Gateways into Madness
High-detail plastic gateway models enhance your games of Forbidden Fortress™. This box includes a full set of Japanese Gateways and Belly of the Beast Gateways along with a 15-card Mini-Expansion featuring some exciting new Encounters, Gear, Artifacts, and Darkness cards.

Doorways into Darkness
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