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Special Miniatures
We have created many specialty game miniatures to represent specific Enemies or Heroes. These are usually cast in resin or metal.
The Big One The Big One Feudal Bandit Resin Mini
This is a Limited Resin Special Enemy Miniature to represent 'The Big One' Feudal Bandit, instead of the default cardboard token from the Feudal Village expansion. Includes one resin special enemy miniature with options for hands and weapons, and one 30mm plastic base. Rules can be found in the Feudal Village expansion.

The Big One
Ronin Wandering Samurai Wandering Samurai Ronin Resin Mini
This miniature is a preview of the Samurai Hero from the upcoming Forbidden Fortress game, but we changed the helmet and added a neck guard and mask to match the Ronin Armor of the Shadows of Brimstone Wandering Samurai (Ronin Starting Upgrade). The Wandering Samurai Ronin is featured in the Wandering Samurai Hero Pack. That set contains all of the rules for the Wandering Samurai Ronin, but usually players just use the unarmored Wandering Samurai to represent the armored Ronin if they choose that Starting Upgrade. Now, you can have a specific miniature for that character, or as an alternate miniature to represent your Samurai Hero in Forbidden Fortress.

Wandering Samurai Ronin
Acid Blobs Plastic Minis Acid Blobs Plastic Minis
This is a set of 6 PLASTIC Acid Blob miniatures for Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress. These are plastic models that can replace the Acid Blob die-cut counters included in the Shadows of Brimstone: Forbidden Fortress Core Set.

Acid Blobs Plastic Minis
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