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Core Game
Conquest of Planet Earth Conquest of Planet Earth
Conquest of Planet Earth, The Space Alien Game is a fast-paced game of terrifying alien invaders, futile Human resistance, and 50's SciFi Movie Action. Players each take on the role of a different Alien Race, all part of the same invading armada, but each with their own unique abilities and ambitions. Command waves of Flying Saucers to blast the Human resistance into submission!

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Conquest of Planet Earth: Apocalypse Conquest of Planet Earth: Apocalypse
The Apocalypse Expansion sees the battle for Planet Earth escalating in scale as more Alien species are dispatched to the planet to take on the growing resistance of the stubborn Human defenders. Including several new Alien races to play, a new deck of Coastal Resistance for the Humans, and the awesome power of the dreaded Apocalypse Cube, emissary of Armageddon. Apocalypse adds new cards to all of the original decks and includes more saucers and boards to expand the player count up to 5-6 players.

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Card Supplements
These web-exclusive Card Supplements each features a new alien race, and ten new game cards.
The Red Menace The Red Menace Card Supplement
The Red Menace are masters of disguise and manipulation! Tentacled monsters that hide in the shadows and mislead with illusions and hallucinations, the Red Menace can be anywhere, or anyone. With panic and paranoia amongst the already frightened humans, they now swell the ranks of fanatical doomsday cults in an attempt to flush out this new hidden threat! Because everyone knows, mobs with pitchforks and torches always get the job done.

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Santarri Mutant Men Santarri Mutant Men Card Supplement
Though small and unimposing individually, the Santarri quickly become an overwhelming menace as they multiply and spread, splitting their bodies in two to swell their legions exponentially! Only the National Guard can react in time to take on this new threat, but they will need the help of some local Heroes if they stand any chance of holding out against the dreaded swarm of the Santarri Mutant Men!

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Hora Goth Hora'Goth Card Supplement
The Hora'Goth are truly masters of diplomacy and deception! Vicious and devious insect creatures, they disguise themselves inside large, grotesque humanoid bodies; unassuming and non-threatening. That is until their refined, senatorial visage splits open to reveal the hideous creatures contained within!

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