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Core Game
Invasion From Outer Space Invasion From Outer Space
Invasion From Outer Space is a fast-paced game of fiendish Martians, Big Top Heroes, and Sci-Fi Movie Action. Players take on the role of either the Carnival Heroes, using their special talents and working together to fight off the Martian Invasion; or as the invaders themselves, waves of Martian Soldiers and Flying Saucers, blasting Humans with Ray Guns and unleashing their vile alien technologies upon the Earth.

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IFOS Advanced Abilities IFOS Advanced Abilities Supplement
The IFOS Advanced Abilities Supplement is a Web-exclusive that features 10 new Advanced Ability cards (8 Hero and 2 Martian) as well as the new rules for using them, and also includes 4 new game cards for the Martian and Hero Decks. The new Advanced Abilities cards can be added to any existing Scenario as a way for both the Heroes and the Martians to gain experience during games unlocking powerful new abilities. There is a unique Advanced Ability for each Hero character, allowing them to "level-up" and use a super-powered version of their Talent, as well as new global abilities that the Martians can get.

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Cloaked Martian Scouts Cloaked Martians Supplement
As the invasion begins, a small band of elite Martian Scouts activate their stealth Cloak Suits and sneak into the area ahead of the first waves, virtually invisible to the Human eye. The 'Cloaked Martian Scouts' Supplement is a Web-exclusive that features 9 crystal light blue Cloaked Martian Scouts miniatures (with clear helmets) and a new scenario, 'The Beacon'. The scenario is printed in full color as part of the rules sheet.

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Zombie Martians Zombie Martians
This is a very special set of Martian miniatures from Invasion From Outer Space game but with a twist! We made these Martian figures in Zombie Colors to match Last Night on Earth's Brown and Green Zombies. This can be very useful in LNOE/IFOS Crossover games because when a Zombie kills a Martian, it can rise again as a Zombie Martian!!! Set of nine Martians in Brown or Green with separate clear Helmets (allowing you to paint them before gluing on the helmets if you wish).

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