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LNOE 10th Anniversary Game Box 10th Anniversary Edition
This deluxe definitive Collector's Edition includes new cards for the Zombie and Hero decks, a new set of Upgrade cards for the included Experience System, and a brand new scenario! The new and updated Comprehensive Rulebook features all the Web Scenarios and Expansion Rulebooks released in 10 years of survival horror! New plastic miniatures for Wounds, XP, Fire, Old Betsy, Spawning Pits, Gas Markers, and even the Old Truck! Re-mastered and expanded Soundtrack, with new songs! All of the classic heroes are included, plus 4 new Heroes. The perfect upgrade for the veteran player, and the ultimate way to dive in if you're getting started.
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Growing Hunger Game Box Growing Hunger Expansion
More Heroes! More Boards! More Cards! More Hunger! Growing Hunger unleashes Plague Carriers and brings new weapons to the struggles between the living and the dead! 4 new Heroes, 3 new Scenarios, 50 game cards, and new modular game boards that bring the fight to the Supermarket, Library, Antique Shop, and more!

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Survival of the Fittest Game Box Survival of the Fittest Expansion
The Survival of the Fittest expansion is packed with new cards and new mechanics for Last Night On Earth. Adds three new decks to the game: powerful Unique Items and Survival Tactics for the Heroic survivors, and fearsome Grave Weapons for the Zombies. As the cold night grows ever darker in Woodinvale, only the strongest will survive!

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Timber Peak Game Box Timber Peak Expansion
Timber Peak is an action-packed standalone expansion for Last Night On Earth. Includes a host of new Heroes and new Scenarios, over 130 new cards, a full set of new modular game boards, and rules for Fire and Experience Upgrades. Timber Peak is packed with new material for veteran players to add to their toolbox, and a fantastic way for new players to jump into the action!

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Blood In The Forest Game Box Blood In The Forest Expansion
Blood in the Forest builds on the themes and mechanics introduced in Timber Peak and can be used with it or the original Last Night on Earth. Includes 2 new Heroes, 3 new Scenarios, over 50 new cards, and new Zombie Champions: the Feral Dead and lumberjack Zombie Behemoths.

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Hero Pack One Box Hero Pack One
Hero Pack One introduces 4 exciting new Heroes, 1 challenging new Scenario, and new cards. Includes everything you need to play as Stacy the Investigative Reporter, Mr. Goddard the Chemistry Teacher, Jade the High School Outcast, or Victor the Escaped Prisoner.

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Hero Pack Two Box Hero Pack Two
Hero Pack Two introduces 4 more new Heroes, 1 challenging new Scenario, and new cards. Includes everything you need to play as Angela the Cheerleader, Bear the Biker, Dr. Yamato the Chemical Engineer, or Maria the Bookworm.

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Zombies With Grave Weapons Box Zombies With Grave Weapons Miniature Set
The Zombies With Grave Weapons Miniature Set has 14 miniatures including 7 unique figure sculpts provided in both brown and green. These new Zombie minatures are a perfect companion to the Grave Weapons Card Deck in the Survival of the Fittest expansion, or can simply be used to expand and add variety to the Zombie player's hoard. It also includes two exclusive new game cards only available with this miniature set, featuring a new Zombie Grave Weapon...the fearsome Crawling Torso!

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Card Supplements

All cards mentioned below are exclusive to these Web Supplements, and will not be available anywhere else. They are printed on the same high-quality materials as the boardgame, and feature all new artwork.

Stock Up Card Supplement Stock Up Card Supplement
Stock Up features a new Scenario where the Heroes search for items to assemble a stockpile of survival supplies. Includes ten new game cards with all new artwork and new game mechanics such as Sacrifice. When the harsh reality of the Zombie epidemic settles in, there's only one thing to do: Stock Up!
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Revenge of the Dead Card Supplement Revenge of the Dead Card Supplement
The shambling horde is angry... angry and hungry. The smell of brains seems to be driving them mad. Revenge of the Dead features a brutal new Scenario where the dead hunt for revenge on the living. Includes ten new game cards, including powerhouses like "The Smell of Brains" and the Hedge Trimmer.

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Zombie Pillage Card Supplement Zombie Pillage Card Supplement
With the not enough flesh meat to sate their appetite, the Zombies have turned to tearing the town apart in search of fresh meat. Zombie Pillage introduces a new Scenario and rule where Zombies can tear apart the town. This pillaging quickly drains cards out of the Hero deck, and can trigger a Zombie victory if they successfully pillage the entire deck! This Supplement includes 10 new cards for the game, and 1 new Scenario.

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Hold The Line Card Supplement Hold The Line Card Supplement
The new Scenario in the Hold the Line! Supplement uses special set-up rules, as a small team of Heroes tries to prevent a tide of Zombies from crossing and exiting one side of the board. If even a few of the savage dead break through the line, they will spread the infection, laying waste to everything in their path! In addition to this exciting Scenario that brings a fresh new tactical challenge to the game, this Supplement also includes 10 new cards.

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Airstrike Supplement Airstrike Card Supplement
Though radio communications have been spotty, the Heroes have learned that the military has begun to mobilize and have declared the entire area around Woodinvale and Timber Peak to be a "Stage 4" quarantine zone... and that doesn't sound good. By the number of jets flying overhead, it is clear that they are planning an airstrike to level the entire area. The only chance for survival is to find enough flares to let them know there are still survivors! Contains 1 new Scenario and 10 new Cards.

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LNOE Advanced Abilities Supplement LNOE Advanced Abilities Supplement
The LNOE - Advanced Abilities Supplement features eight new game cards for the Zombie and Hero Decks and 20 new Advanced Ability cards (16 Hero and 4 Zombie) as well as the new rules for using them. The new Advanced Abilities cards can be added to any existing Scenario as a way for both the Heroes and the Zombies to gain experience during games unlocking powerful new abilities. There is a unique Advanced Ability for each Hero character, allowing them to 'level-up', as well as global abilities that the Zombies can get.

Buy LNOE Advanced Abilities Supplement
Radioactive Grave Dead Supplement Radioactive Grave Dead Supplement
The Radioactive Grave Dead Supplement features 7 crystal green Radioactive Grave Dead zombie miniatures and 1 new scenario, It Fell From the Sky. This new scenario includes rules for Radioactive Grave Dead using the Dots system first introduced in the Growing Hunger Expansion! The scenario is printed in full color as part of the rules sheet.

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