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Shadows of Brimstone Heroes Enter The Mine


It is the mid-1880s in the Southwest United States. The small mining town of Brimstone has struck it rich when they discovered large deposits of a strange new mineral called Dark Stone. It has magical properties, is rarer than gold, and is incredibly dangerous! In a flash, the town of Brimstone was consumed, the epicenter of a cataclysmic supernatural explosion, ripping open portals to other worlds down in the mines, and unleashing a great Darkness to spread across the land! Now hordes of demons pour from the mines to ravage the countryside, and the sky grows black with swarms of nightmarish creatures. A few brave souls step forward and form a posse of Heroes to hold back the Darkness!

Shadows of Brimstone Core Sets

Shadows of Brimstone™ is a fully cooperative dungeon crawl adventure that mixes Old West and Unspeakable horror themes. Players work together, taking on the roles of Old West heroes like a Gunslinger, Bandito, Saloon Girl, or Preacher to form a Hero Posse, exploring the dark mines around Brimstone, fighting demons and creatures that are entering our world through void portals. The heroes can even step through those portals when they find them, to explore the strange alien worlds on the other side! The game board is randomly generated, as you play, via a deck of Map Cards (one card associated with each board tile). The board tiles are double-sided with Old West rooms or passages on one side and alien worlds on the other!

Shadows of Brimstone Heroes from City of the Ancients

Game Overview

Shadows of Brimstone™ incorporates the best aspects of RPGs, Miniature games, and board games, keeping the focus on fun adventure - fighting creatures, getting Loot, and story-driven encounters. Game play is streamlined to be fast and fun, keeping exploration and combat easy to understand and open to a wider audience. The game is popular with both male and female players because every character in the game has a double-sided Hero Sheet with the Male version on one side and Female version on the other. For example, The Preacher character has the Nun on the reverse side as the female version.

Map Tiles Interlock and are Double-Sided

Fully Cooperative Dynamic Gameplay

We worked hard to inject a lot of replayability into the game. Each Core Set includes 12 missions, with many more that have been released in expansions, and each time players embark on a mission, the game and story unfold in a randomly-generated way, using decks of cards to dynamically determine how the board is constructed, the enemies that attack, the story-based encounters, and even the Loot that the Heroes collect. As a fully cooperative adventure, all players work together to defeat the game - there is no game master! This also makes the game ideal for solo play.

Hero Miniatures from City of the Ancients

The different  Enemies from City of the Ancients

The XL-sized Goliath from City of the Ancients

Shadows of Brimstone has a built in campaign system, allowing characters to keep the Gear and otherworldly Artifacts they find, while earning experience to level up and increase their stats and abilities. Each different Hero Class has a unique skill tree, letting players develop and customize their Heroes over the course of many games. The game difficulty is designed to scale to the number of players, and the enemies grow more dangerous as the players go up in level. Most importantly, characters can easily jump into and out of games, so if one player in a group cannot play one week, the group can play a mission without them or add new players to an existing group. Players can also easily take their established characters to other games, playing with several different groups.

Hero Miniatures from Swamps of Death

The different Enemies from Swamps of Death

The XL-sized Harbinger from Swamps of Death

While the rich theme of the Old West is gritty and exciting, Shadows of Brimstone comes to life when players step through a portal to explore an alien world with six-shooters in hand! Each of the two Core Sets includes a different other world to explore. City of the Ancients features the Targa Plateau - a frozen alien city once inhabited by a technologically advanced civilization, now empty and kept running by robotic custodians. Players find danger and mystery around every corner as they explore the vast icy corridors of the lost city. Swamps of Death features the Swamps of Jargono, a wet and murky jungle world teeming with life. Heroes trudge their way through swamps and explore ancient stone ruins as they hear the thunder of drums from the native Serpentman tribes! Shadows of Brimstone’s setting allows for a lot of thematic variety and future expansions - the possibilities are limitless.

Some game cards from Shadows of Brimstone

Two Core Sets

The two Core Sets are equal but unique, each featuring different Heroes, Enemies, OtherWorlds, Missions, Gear, Encounters, etc. So, gamers can play the game with either Core Set on its own, or get the other Core Set as a huge expansion to double their content! Also, the game is for 1-4 players with one Core Set, but expands to support up to 6 players with both Core Sets combined!

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