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In this area, we provide various resources for players, such as Character Sheets, FAQ, and Assembly Guides.
Official FAQ

Shadows of Brimstone FAQ Cover

Shadows of Brimstone FAQ Version 1.02 (11-27-2019)
Assembly Guides for Revised Core Set Miniatures

SBCA Revised Core Set Assembly Guide

City of the Ancients
SBSD Revised Core Set Assembly Guide

Swamps of Death
New Character Sheets

Character Sheet Example 1

Character Sheet Example 2

Bandido Male JPG | PDF
Bandido Female JPG | PDF
Cowboy Male JPG | PDF
Cowboy Female JPG | PDF
Dark Stone Shaman Male JPG | PDF
Dark Stone Shaman Female JPG | PDF
Drifter Male JPG | PDF
Drifter Female JPG | PDF
Frontier Doc Male JPG | PDF
Frontier Doc Female JPG | PDF
Gambler Male JPG | PDF
Gambler Female JPG | PDF
Gunslinger Male JPG | PDF
Gunslinger Female JPG | PDF
Indian Scout Male JPG | PDF
Indian Scout Female JPG | PDF
Jargono Native Male JPG | PDF
Jargono Native Female JPG | PDF
Lawman Male JPG | PDF
Lawman Female JPG | PDF
Orphan Male JPG | PDF
Orphan Female JPG | PDF
Outlaw Male JPG | PDF
Outlaw Female JPG | PDF
Preacher Male JPG | PDF
Preacher Female (Nun) JPG | PDF
Prospector Male JPG | PDF
Prospector Female JPG | PDF
Rancher Male JPG | PDF
Rancher Female JPG | PDF
Saloon Girl Male (Piano Player) JPG | PDF
Saloon Girl Female JPG | PDF
U.S. Marshal Male JPG | PDF
U.S. Marshal Female JPG | PDF
Wandering Samurai Male JPG | PDF
Wandering Samurai Female JPG | PDF
Default Character Sheet (No Portrait) JPG | PDF