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Dark Stone Forge
These are specialty resin models that we produce in-house. They are hand-poured resin models made in small batches (not mass-produced in a factory). As such, they are not sold in retail stores, but are exclusive to the Flying Frog Web Store. Often, Dark Stone Forge items include a new Mission or two, themed for the specific piece.
Ancient Gate Ancient Gate
A massive and ancient stone portal, The Ancient Gate was constructed eons ago by the Ancients of the Targa Plateau. These powerful portals could create stable gateways to OtherWorlds across all of time and space. A stunning centerpiece, this set also includes a brand new Mission using the Ancient Gate in your games of Shadows of Brimstone: "When Worlds Collide"

Ancient Gate
Dark Altar Dark Altar
This deluxe resin terrain piece depicts a massive and grotesque altar to the dark gods of old! Whether fashioned by the Order of the Crimson Hand for their dark rituals, or the mutated Takobake Samurai Clan in an attempt to harness the power of the Void, this stone altar makes a beautiful centerpiece. Includes 2 brand new Missions that utilize the Dark Altar for gameplay to add to your games of Shadows of Brimstone: "Beyond the Void" and "Waves of Mutation"!

Dark Altar
Death Gate Sentinel Death Gate Sentinel
This deluxe resin terrain piece depicts a giant stone statue - the Death Gate Sentinel, an all-new scenario set piece for Shadows of Brimstone. These massive stone statues act as gate keepers to the underworld, binding the spirits of the dead to some dark purpose. It also includes a new Mission themed around these statues: "To The Gates of Hell"!

Death Gate Sentinel
Derelict Ship Broken Grates Derelict Ship Broken Grates
This fantastic set of 4 Derelict Ship Broken Grates are perfect to replace the cardboard Broken Grate counters that are included with the OtherWorld: Derelict Ship Expansion, giving the board a 3D feel! They also work great on terrain/bases!

Derelict Ship Broken Grates
Doomsday Device and Generators Doomsday Device and Generators
Includes 3D versions of the Doomsday Device and Generators that were first introduced in the Trederra OtherWorld Expansion. You DO NOT need a copy of the OtherWorld: Trederra Expansion to use this set. This set features a brand new mission exclusive to this set: "Countdown to Destruction"

Doomsday Device and Generators
Explosive Barrels Explosive Barrels
This set includes new Explosive Barrels and has a new mechanic for generating a Random Fixed Map and an 'insane' difficulty mode using Epic Threats for 5-6 Heroes playing the Mission, this Explosive Barrels set lets you pile more Enemies from your collection on the board at once than ever before! Plus a brand new mission exclusive to this set: "Blast 'em Back to Hell"

Explosive Barrels
Grave Coffins Grave Coffins
This set includes 3D versions of the Coffin Tokens found in the Feral Vampires Mission Pack and can be used to replace these tokens with Vampire Mission Pack missions. But, this set also includes an exclusive new mission: "Grave Robbers"!

Grave Coffins
Hellmouth Hellmouth
The Hell Mouth Terrain Hazard is a deadly new type of Gate that Heroes may encounter on their adventures. This set features a new Mission that focuses on the Hell Mouth: "Through The Mouth Of Madness". It also includes new rules allowing a Hell Mouth to be randomly encountered on any adventure.

Mining Lift Mining Lift
This set includes a 3D version of the Mining Lift for Shadows of Brimstone appearing previously as part of the Map Tile artwork for Shadows of Brimstone. This set comes with one large Mining Lift model and one lift elevator platform model (cast in high detail resin) and TWO brand new missions exclusive to this set: "Down the Dark Shaft" and "Delved Too Deep"!

Mining Lift
Six Shooter Template Six Shooter Template
Includes a 3D version of the Six-Shooter Template for Shadows of Brimstone and lets you track your Gunslingerís Special Ammo in style! This set comes with the Deluxe Six-Shooter Template, 6 Dead Eye Shot Bullet Tokens, 2 Green Ricochet Bullet Tokens, 2 Blue Cerberus Bullet Tokens, and 2 Red Hellfire Bullet Tokens.

Six Shooter Template
Swamp Raptor Egg Nest Swamp Raptor Egg Nest
Includes a 3D version of the Egg Nest, first appearing in the Swamps of Death Core Set as part of the Map Tile artwork for the Swamps of Jargono OtherWorld. This set features a brand new mission exclusive to this set: "Stolen Eggs"

Swamp Raptor Egg Nest
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