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Mission Pack Expansions
Shadows of Brimstone Mission Packs delve deep into the more interesting enemies in the game. Each Mission Pack includes one new enemy along with a series of missions themed around that enemy, a new double-sided Objective room Map Tile, a host of new game cards themed for the mission pack, and all associated counters.

Mission Pack: Feral Vampires Feral Vampires
Ancient and gruesome monstrosities, the Feral Vampires are terrifying creatures of the old world, unleashed upon the Western frontier after traveling thousands of miles by ship, train, and coach in coffins or crates of their native soil. They are neither living nor dead...but the Undead! And they hunger for the fresh blood of a new frontier.

Mission Pack: Feral Vampires
Mission Pack: Hellfire Succubi Hellfire Succubi
The alluring Hellfire Succubi are hideous demons that have taken on an irresistible guise to bewitch and corrupt the weak-willed mortals of Earth. As a vanguard from the burning depths, the Hellfire Succubi are harbingers of a far greater evil, working tirelessly to break the bindings of their master, so that he may spread ruin across all of reality!

Mission Pack: Hellfire Succubi
Mission Pack: Lost Army Lost Army
The thunder of cannons sounds in the dark, and sporadic flashes of fire and smoke dance across the night sky as the Lost Army of the dead lays siege to the land of the living! 50 years after the fall of the Alamo, a lost legion of Santa Ana's army has returned!

Mission Pack: Lost Army
Mission Pack: Black Fang Tribe Black Fang Tribe
Fueled by eating Dark Stone, the Black Fang Tribe descend from the hills to massacre those they deem weak. In the name of the dark and vengeful elder spirits they worship, these outcast braves raid and pillage the frontier towns and Indian villages throughout the cursed lands near Brimstone. Through blood and fear, they feed their addiction to the black rock, collecting bones as trophies for their dark gods!

Mission Pack: Black Fang Tribe
Mission Pack: Werewolf Feral Kin Werewolf Feral Kin
Stalking the moonlit night, the Werewolf Feral Kin howl as they run and leap across the desert valleys, prowling the roads for unwary travelers to descend upon! These creatures of the night slash and bite with a beastly rage and reckless abandon, often passing their Curse onto those unfortunate souls that manage to survive being shredded by their brutal attacks.

Mission Pack: Werewolf Feral Kin
Mission Pack: Order of the Crimson Hand Order of the Crimson Hand
The Order of the Crimson Hand are a clandestine society, committed to seeking out ancient and mystical artifacts, and gathering occult texts to further their nefarious agendas. Spreading their tendrils of deceit and corruption, the Order has infiltrated all levels of society, using their sinister influence to start wars, topple monarchies, and swell their ranks with everyone from mindless thugs to world leaders and aristocrats. They will stop at nothing to achieve their mad desire for wealth, power, and eternal life.

Mission Pack: Order of the Crimson Hand
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