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OtherWorld Expansions
OtherWorld Expansions add an entire new world to explore, including a full set of new Map Tiles, Enemies, Encounters, Artifacts, and Missions. The flipside of the new world map tiles is a new set of Earth-based map tiles, too!
Shadows of Brimstone: Caverns of Cynder Caverns of Cynder
OtherWorlds: Caverns of Cynder unleashes an underground hellscape of lava and ancient arcane wonders. Includes a full set of board tiles, missions, encounters, and artifacts, plus the powerful new Lavamen enemy!

Learn more at our new Cynder page!

OtherWorld: Caverns of Cynder
Shadows of Brimstone: Trederra Trederra
OtherWorlds: Trederra is the first Deluxe OtherWorld Expansion, and takes your hero posse to the war-torn planet of Trederra. It features a full set of board tiles, missions, encounters, and artifacts, and includes an army of new enemies and models like Trederran Legionnaires, Z4 Grenadiers, Terrain pieces, Trederran Mutants, and Lieutenants!

OtherWorld: Trederra
Shadows of Brimstone: Derelict Ship Derelict Ship
OtherWorlds: Derelict Ship will push your heroes to the brink of madness, as the flickering lights and whispering voices in the dark close in all around. If you can survive encounters with shambling Necronauts, you may find futuristic weapons and unimaginable technology amidst the interstellar horrors of...The Derelict Ship!

OtherWorld: Derelict Ship
Shadows of Brimstone: Blasted Wastes Blasted Wastes
OtherWorlds: Blasted Wastes Deluxe Expansion introduces a sulfurous alien prison planet for the Heroes to explore, new gear and artifacts, enemies like Wasteland Scavengers, Heavies, Chieftain, and savage Sand Crabs. Even an Alien Barter Town! This set also includes the new Old West Canyons Map Tile Set, including new Canyon Encounters and Artifacts, and the new Tribal Ghost Warriors enemies.

OtherWorld: Blasted Wastes
Shadows of Brimstone: Forest of the Dead Forest of the Dead
OtherWorlds: Forest of the Dead Deluxe Expansion introduces a world of undead terrors, Spectral Hordes, Vampires, and ghastly horrors! Includes a full set of new Map Tiles for Forest of the Dead (with Forbidden Fortress on the back), new Missions to play, 4 deadly new Enemy types: Nure Onna Vampires, Spectral Hordes, Shadow Wraiths, and Goryu, as well as a host of new Gear, Artifacts, and Encounters.

OtherWorld: Forest of the Dead
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