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Fortune And Glory Expansions
There are several exciting expansions for Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game, and more are in the works!
Fortune And Glory: Treasure Hunters Treasure Hunters
Treasure Hunters adds tons of new cards, a new personal mission deck giving heroes extra bonus objectives, two new villains to fight, and four new heroes to play. Take on the role of Grant Jackson, a rough and tumble soldier of fortune, Nigel Harrington, the big game hunter, or Angel Espinoza, the daring mechanic who's ready to make her mark on the world! Adventure awaits as these new treasure hunters set out to find fortune and glory!

Fortune And Glory: Treasure Hunters
Fortune and Glory: Rise of the Crimson Hand Rise of the Crimson Hand
The Order of the Crimson Hand has infiltrated every level of society and performs cult rituals, binding dark creatures from another world to do their bidding! Rise of the Crimson Hand is packed with new material including new cards for every deck, new Deadly dangers to face, new villains to fight, epic city events unique to each major city, devious Crimson Hand Acolyte figures that race the heroes for artifacts, and a powerful new vile organization to contend with!

Fortune and Glory: Rise of the Crimson Hand
Card Supplements
Danger Pack 01 Danger Pack 01
As volcanoes erupt and deadly assassins skulk in the shadows, the daring adventurers must prepare their next expedition into hostile territory on their quest for artifacts. This supplement introduces thrilling new Dangers to face, paired with new Cliffhangers to overcome. It also adds a new Common Item: the Expedition Truck.

Danger Pack 01
Sands of Cairo Sands of Cairo
Traveling to the sun-baked sands of Cairo, the Heroes meet up with their local contacts, collecting supplies and information in preparation for the journey to the unforgiving desert. This supplement adds new Dangers and Cliffhangers, new Common Items, Gear, Events, City and Enemy cards, all themed around Cairo and the desert.

Sands of Cairo
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