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Flying Frog Productions' Jason C. Hill and Jack Scott Hill sat down to give a brief overview of their pulp adventure game, Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game.

Game in progress

How is Fortune and Glory different from your previous game titles?

Fortune and Glory is a unique gameplay experience. It was created by the same team that brought you Last Night on Earth, A Touch of Evil, Invasion from Outer Space, and Conquest of Planet Earth, so it will certainly feel like a Flying Frog game. It shares some ideas with other Flying Frog games, like skill tests similar to A Touch of Evil, but the mechanics are unique to Fortune and Glory. Like many of our previous games, there are multiple ways to play. Fortune and Glory features four game types - Competitive, Cooperative, Team Game, and Solo play. This is also our biggest game yet - twice the size of our previous games! The game has actually been around for years and it is one of our favorites. It is a mammoth adventure game that spans the globe. It means a lot to us and we didn't want to do it half-way. We wanted the giant game board, full card decks for Enemies, Nazis, Gear, Allies, Locations, etc, and really cool minis for everything!

HeroesNazi Soldiers and Temples

Speaking of that, the box is FULL of plastic miniatures, how about an overview?
The game includes incredibly detailed miniatures for all of the hero characters, villain characters, a horde of nazi soldiers and mobster thugs, mayan temples, and a large Nazi zeppelin.

Players tend to have their favorite heroes in your games and are usually offered a variety of character types to many play styles. Can we expect the same from Fortune and Glory?

You can count on it! Our games are character driven and we have a really cool cast of heroes in Fortune and Glory, each with their own unique stats, abilities, and play style:
  • Jake Zane (The Flying Ace) - he's a daring pilot and brash young adventurer.
  • Duke Dudley (British Lord) - The Duke is an independently wealthy aristocrat who craves adventure and has the funds to travel the globe in search of it!
  • Li Mei Chen (Night Club Singer) - This Hong Kong singer croons on stage but was trained from birth in the martial arts. She is a sworn protector of her people as part of a secret order known as the Silent Dragon.
  • Dr. Zhukov (Master of Science) - A Russian scientist with a penchant for dangerous expeditions.
  • Sharon Hunter (Daring Photographer) - She set out from New York city to photograph the exotic parts of the world unkown.
  • Alexander Cartwright (Reclusive Novelist) - Content to quietly write about his adventures, Cartwright is drawn once again into the heart of danger!
  • Shelly Hargrove (Race Car Driver) - She lives a fast life and dives headlong into perilous adventures.
  • Jacques Moreau (Tomb Robber) - He is a scoundrel and a ruthless anti-hero. Some people will hate Jacques, but others will LOVE him!

Hero Character CardsCounters

This is the largest cast you've had in a game so far and it features a lot of interesting items and artifacts. How was the shooting for this project?

These photoshoots were some of the most interesting and entertaining that we've ever done. Actors and models always bring a lot to their characters during the shoot and we were lucky to work with some very talented people this time around. Because the cast was so large, we tended to schedule larger shoots with more characters at a time. That made for a lot more work but was also more fun. Due to the grand scale of this project, we started casting a few years ago, started putting together costumes in around 2006, and have been collecting artifacts and items for the last decade. This sounds unbelievable, but remember that the game has been around for us for over ten years and everywhere we go, we keep it in mind. So, if one of us is on vacation in a far off land and see some crazy amulet or weapon, we buy it for the impending game shoots. As you can imagine, with all of this history, we are absolutely thrilled to finally share Fortune and Glory with other gamers around the world!

Villain Miniatures

This game not only has characterful heroes, but powerful villain characters as well. How did this come about and who can we expect to see foiling us at every turn?
To fans of the pulp adventure genre, it is clear that heroes are nothing without the villains they tangle with across the globe. It was very important to us to include villains that are as capable, smart, and formidable as the heroes. There are two Vile Organizations in the game, The Mob and The Nazis. Each has many generic fighters (Mob Thugs and Nazi Soldiers), but also character villains. The Mob villains include the Boss - Franco Fedicci, the Hitman - "Icebox" Eddie, and the Seductive Singer - Vanessa Love. The Nazi villains include Colonel Stahl - the Iron fist, Tresa - the Femme Fatale, and Herr Teufel - The Occult Specialist. It was great fun creating genre bad guys to show up when the heroes least expect it - and that's exactly how it plays in the game. They show up while you're on an adventure and wreak havoc, often stealing the artifact you are searching for!

Game in progress

The game features many different enemies, but some people may be surprised that they will face off against Nazis. Sometimes games and movies will shy away from depicting Nazis. What led to the decision to feature the Nazis and their insignia?

First off, this is a period game that takes place in the latter part of the 1930's. At that time, the Nazi party had risen to power and actual historical fact is that they were searching for ancient artifacts and lost treasures to give them power and aid them in their thirst for world domination. They were very bad guys and really make for perfect enemies for our heroes to face off against.

Example Adventure Pairing

One of the coolest game mechanics in Fortune and Glory is the way that adventures are generated in the game. Can you walk us through the process?

During the game, there are always four active adventures available. Each of these adventures has an artifact associated with it. You draw an 'Artifact' card from the Artifact Deck and an 'Adventure' card from the Adventure Deck and pair them together to create the Artifact Adventure. The decks each contain half of the name. So, an example would be "The Eyes..." paired with "...of the Crimson Hand". One of the cards has the value of the treasure and the other card shows the number of dangers that must be overcome to get the treasure. So, every time you play the game, there are very unique adventures to challenge the players. Each time you generate one of these pairings, you also draw a 'Location' card from the Location Deck to determine where in the world the treasure lies. You generate four of these pairings at the beginning of the game and then generate a new pairing each time one is recovered by a player. Some Artifacts are not specific treasures, but rather a location known as a Temple (an example might be "The City...of Time"). When these are drawn, you place one of the detailed temple miniatures onto the board. Now, characters can journey into this temple and gain fortune. But, the danger of temples is that the more they are plundered for gold, the greater the risk of collapse! A major theme of the game is deciding how far to "push your luck" in risky situations and it provides some serious edge-of-your-seat excitement. Perfect for the Cliffhanger Pulp Adventure genre!

Fortune and Glory is in stores now!

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